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The WalMart-ization of Local Agriculture

  WalMart – There, I said it.  I find when speaking with generally anybody, for each person there is an opinion about the low cost retailer.  Aside from personal opinions, WalMart excels at what it does- Existing as the low cost leader.  So when the business pledged in 2010 to double its local produce sales […]

Fungicide or Bisphenol A (BPA) with Your OJ?

  So, I may as well have been met with an unsuspecting mouse behind the cupboard door.  My expression represented absolute dumfounded-ness meets “WTF?!”.  While routinely pouring my child’s favorite morning beverage, and our new preferred brand of orange juice, I felt a particular curiosity to check the recycling number of the plastic container in which […]

Food Integrity

Our soups are safe to eat right from the jar.   One of our Two Guys in Vermont soup’s is a Curried Apple Butternut Squash that is bi-serveable, delicious heated or chilled!  Without sounding self-promoting, just put our glass jar in your fridge and it’s ready-to-eat when your mood strikes (I’m fond of eating right out […]

January is National Soup Month

I recall speaking about soup being a food for all seasons while vending at our first farmers markets this past summer, Stowe, VT, 2010.  It was at those markets where soup’s seasonal versatility was confirmed for me while ladling and selling pretty warm soup on quite hot days.  Weather-wise conditions were wicked different compared to […]

Miles Less Travelled

Nestled in lush green mountains, picturesque water sheds aplenty, overlooking an inviting rolling valley’s new crop row harvests, I find myself silently shouting out at the top of my lungs “Hooray, yippee!”.  I am excited to share new Two Guys in Vermont news, muse about “Know your farmer”, and chat about an emerging regional food […]

Soup’s On!

These are exciting times, and these are nail-biting down-to-their-cuticles times.  Exciting in that we’re only days away from Two Guys in Vermont’s first scaled-up cooking “test” batches.  This is where we increase our kettle size and figure-out how much more in fresh veggies, spices, liquids and other natural ingredients each of our soup recipes need, […]

Introduction, Our First Blog Post!

Since this is our first blog post I feel it’s courtesy to say “Hi”, and take a moment to thank you for your interest with Two Guys in Vermont.  We are a new small scale food company located in Vermont making delicious all natural soups.  We are just beginning to go out and ask stores […]