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Local Foods and Butternut Squash – and a Butternut Squash Fries Recipe

“What does locally grown mean?”, “How many miles should food travel to be local?”. These questions were ferociously debated just a few years ago. It seems the common ground is to support your local growers. Know your farmer, right? Many of the ingredients we cook our soups with have local roots. One of these foods […]

The WalMart-ization of Local Agriculture

  WalMart – There, I said it.  I find when speaking with generally anybody, for each person there is an opinion about the low cost retailer.  Aside from personal opinions, WalMart excels at what it does- Existing as the low cost leader.  So when the business pledged in 2010 to double its local produce sales […]

Whatcha Eating?

  A hot bowl of soup in your palms while slowly sipping its steaming contents is a refreshing feeling.  But eating soup during our colder months may be primal, too.  In addition to its inner warming, soup can be nutritious.  “Soup aisle” soups have a real reputation as being excessively high in sodium, as well […]

Local Food Systems Digging Roots

According to Farm Aid, every week 330 US farmers leave their land.  Right here in Vermont many of our dairy farmers are being forced to close their doors because of falling milk prices.  Thought provoking, right? Agricultural dominance by a corporate few whose environmentally questionable factory farming methods promote producing cheap homogeneous foods, makes it […]

Fungicide or Bisphenol A (BPA) with Your OJ?

  So, I may as well have been met with an unsuspecting mouse behind the cupboard door.  My expression represented absolute dumfounded-ness meets “WTF?!”.  While routinely pouring my child’s favorite morning beverage, and our new preferred brand of orange juice, I felt a particular curiosity to check the recycling number of the plastic container in which […]

$0.60 Can of Soup

Social networking is a real-time discussion at your fingertips.  The other day I tweeted a question which went something like “How does a certain big box ‘Mart sell a distinguishable red and white soup label brand for $0.60 a can?!?  My jar and lid cost more!”.  Within seconds there were replies with answers such as […]

Food Integrity

Our soups are safe to eat right from the jar.   One of our Two Guys in Vermont soup’s is a Curried Apple Butternut Squash that is bi-serveable, delicious heated or chilled!  Without sounding self-promoting, just put our glass jar in your fridge and it’s ready-to-eat when your mood strikes (I’m fond of eating right out […]

January is National Soup Month

I recall speaking about soup being a food for all seasons while vending at our first farmers markets this past summer, Stowe, VT, 2010.  It was at those markets where soup’s seasonal versatility was confirmed for me while ladling and selling pretty warm soup on quite hot days.  Weather-wise conditions were wicked different compared to […]

Together we stand, Divided we fall

It’s not often that I’m struck with inspiration – unsuspecting and immediate. Family farming and farming’s way of life has always felt sacred to me, even though I’m not a farmer. There have been so many statistics that demonstrate independent family farms have been declining like an endangered species. I personally experienced this growing up […]

The ‘Buzz’ Word

I have this routine where I begin my professional day checking out blogs, thinking about any new “news” to share with our Facebook friends, and scanning streamlining Twitter news feeds in search of relevant, insightful and thought provoking postings to read and to post. This was not a routine morning. Before I had my first […]