January is National Soup Month

I recall speaking about soup being a food for all seasons while vending at our first farmers markets this past summer, Stowe, VT, 2010.  It was at those markets where soup’s seasonal versatility was confirmed for me while ladling and selling pretty warm soup on quite hot days.  Weather-wise conditions were wicked different compared to what’s going on outside today, sitting here in January.

Then:  80/90 degree days, monster downpours, green grass with trees bursting with summer leaves; Evergreen trees scattered amid bright colors, and humidity.

Now:  Steam-like breathe exhaled into chilly temperatures in the –teens, and snow covered mountains and rolling white fields blanket next year’s harvest taking root below; frozen ground till next season’s thaw.  Evergreens dominate the landscape.

Although I believe soup is food for all seasons there is something slightly more comforting and emotionally soothing about sipping hot soup in New England during this time of year.  For days such as today that can best be described in terms of fresh powder falling and car racks with skis, boards and sleds on their way to shred, soup’s warming comfort hits the spot!